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At The Museum: Photo Exhibit and Screenings

Monday, August 27-31 starting at 10:00 am, The Wellington Heritage Museum

290 Main Street, Wellington

As part of Water Week, through photos and screenings, The Wellington Heritage Museum wants to do its part to raise awareness about the future of our planet’s water supply. Museums, after all, preserve the past so that future generations can engage with and learn from it, so our purpose is tied to the future of this village, this country, and this planet. 

The water surrounding and within Prince Edward County has been used and enjoyed by residents and visitors alike for millennia, and the number of people that visit our island every year continues to increase. While this constant stream of visitors fuels our tourism industry and benefits many (including the museum), it is important that we remember to ensure the protection and ongoing health of the County’s waters – both the water that we use in our homes every day, and the rivers, lakes and streams that house delicate ecosystems, full of plant and animal life.


In an effort to inspire and encourage discussion, we have chosen to display images, by photographer Marsden Kemp, that illustrate the relationship between the people of the County and the waters they depend on for life and leisure. 

Marsden A. Kemp (d. 1943) was a passionate and prolific amateur photographer who lived in Kingston and Picton, Ontario. The photographs on display are a sample of Kemp's immense dedication and output; he was known to travel Eastern Ontario by bicycle capturing images from that era that document communities, recreation, steamships, people and events. His work is the most extensive photographic record of life in this area in the early part of the 20th century, and the full collection of his glass plate negatives are held at the Archives of Ontario.


Vanishing Legacy: The History of the Lakefaring Families of Prince Edward County, by Suzanne Pasternak

Local singer, songwriter, filmmaker and storyteller, Susan Pasternak’s award-winning documentary: Vanishing Legacy: The History of the Lakefaring Families of Prince Edward County is a culmination of her research in the maritime history at the south end of Prince Edward County. The film traces the history of lake-faring families from the time just after the American Revolution until modern times, with her friends and neighbours who were among the last of the commercial fishing families in this part of the country. 

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Paddle to the Sea, by Bill Mason

Based on Holling C. Holling's book of the same name, Paddle to the Sea is Bill Mason's 1966 film adaptation of the classic tale of an Indigenous boy who sets out to carve a man and a canoe. Calling the man "Paddle to the Sea," he sets his carving down on a frozen stream to await spring’s arrival. The film follows the adventures that befall the canoe on its long odyssey from Lake Superior, through the Great Lakes system, to the sea. A beloved film of Canadian Gen Xers and a defining film of the National Film Board of that era. 

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