>> Free Admission

Screenings of select World Water Week Symposium Events from Stockholm, Sweden

Monday, August 27-31 from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm, Wellington United Church

243 Main Street, Wellington

Cost: Free Admission

The inspiration behind our Water Week celebrations, World Water Week, is the annual focal point for the globe's water issues. It is organized by SIWI and will this year address the theme "water, ecosystems and human development". For one full week, The Wellington United Church will be live-streaming events as well as broadcasting video captures from Sweden in real time.

Experts, practitioners, decision-makers, business innovators and young professionals from a range of sectors and countries come to Stockholm to network, exchange ideas, foster new thinking and develop solutions to the most pressing water-related challenges of today. We believe water is key to our future prosperity, and that together, we can achieve a water wise world. In 2017, over 3,300 individuals and around 380 convening organizations from 130 countries participated in the Week.


World Water Week provides a unique forum for the exchange of views, experiences, and practices between the scientific, business, policy and civic communities. It focuses on new thinking and positive action toward water-related challenges and their impact on the world's environment, health, climate, economic and poverty reduction.

For more information on World Water Week - visit: www.worldwaterweek.org