"Underwater" An Augmented Reality Experience created for Water Week

Friday, August 31 from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Wellington Town Hall

246 Main Street, Wellington

Cost: Free

Free Admission

An interactive installation where kids and adults use augmented reality controllers to move through a visual and audio landscape that immerses them underwater. By moving their controller forward, back, and rotating it, underwater sounds will be generated and objects like bubbles can be popped, which then create further visual elements like ripples and additional sound layers.

Artistic Aim

The aim of this project is to expand the visitor’s senses through their own natural movements and experience the impact they can have on this environment.

About Yugen, creators and presenters of “Underwater"

Yugen Interactive is a Picton-based interactive storytelling studio. Our team of inventors is hard at work crafting the next generation of digital storytelling games for kids. We believe in the power of play, and that the joy of storytelling can be brought to life in fun and magical ways. That’s why we created Gepeto.

Bringing together augmented reality technology with adventure-based learning, Gepeto is a new way for kids to play stories. Beautifully crafted for the iPad, kids use a magic controller and their imaginations to make their own choices and explore never before seen worlds. They solve challenges, interact with unique characters and participate in rich storylines woven around contemporary themes. Learning about the world around them has never been so fun!

Gepeto - Next Generation Storytelling.


Grain Discovery


Grain Discovery: We are creating an online grain exchange that uses blockchain technology to help farmers market their grain, and to track it from farm to fork, and we are doing it right here, in the County.